XXzona is a platform dedicated to women that have no prejudices towards anything. That are intrigued by events from different spheres, don’t constrict themselves and don’t waste time on unimportant life vacuums. The XX gender is always interacting with the XY world, looking for answers to thesis of a woman’s perspective. We are XX because we are a mystery to ourselves, because we despise monotony and strive to be understood.

About Sanji Vuletić

Fortunately I realized at the time that the diploma of a philologist of non-existent Serbo-Croatian language, as well as the same literature of the disintegrating country of Yugoslav literature, is not a good start, and I was taken to journalism from students days.

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An idea of sharing opinions on all interests seems so sobering. In the micro world even the trivial can become crucial, if it contributes to a sense of fulfillment. A mentally content woman is a dream of every worthy partner.