An absurd lies in the fact that most of my professional freedom was in a student radio program Index 202, that I encountered the best team and creative flow on Radio Politika, and an editorial position in all informational segments on TV Politika (editor of news, editor of topics, DESK chief) taight me that censorship is mainly born in our heads and that it’s victims offer themselves freely and masochistically to the political hangman. Moving on from serious journalism through ANEM into the undervalued, so called female journalism, I entered a virtual world that presented me with the most beautiful travels and professional challenges, as well as disappointments. After almost ten years in the position of editor of topics in the licensed lifestyle magazine GRAZIA and two years in the fashion orientated Harper’s BAZAAR, I have moved to the world of digital media. 42Magazin proves that each time has its creative young people, ones that believe in themselves and their artistic abilities, while XXzona is some sort of personal, mental and emotional caprice, proving that hope dies last.