Privacy Policy

The Internet should be a safe place for you, so please take some time and get informed of the privacy policy of XXZone. Below you can find out about what your personal data are collected and how they are used. It is important that you know the following:

  • Personal data is the first name and surname, addresses, ID numbers, IP addresses, telephone numbers and similar, namely all those data which can accurately identify some person.
  • XXZone keeps your data from unauthorised access, use, destruction or modifications, and it does not share it, give away or sell it to third party. We create and maintain a secure environment for users of our site.
  • Data that is not considered personal is the technical data that the user leaves in interaction with XXZone (May include information about the provider, the device, the operating system, the browser from which the visitor accesses our site, etc.)

Consent and acceptance of privacy policy

Using content on the XXZone site means that you are familiar with and agree with our privacy policy. In accordance with positive regulations, if you do not agree with the privacy policy of XXZone (we will be sorry to write this) but please do not use the content of the site.

As it is possible that the privacy policy will be updated from time to time (for example harmonisation with regulations), and you continue to use the content on the site of the XXZone we will consider that you also agree with these changes. We are of the opinion that it is good to check periodically whether there have been any changes. About any and all important change in the privacy policy of the XXZone we will surely inform you.

Collecting data about you:

Your data is collected in the following manners:

  • Registration for the Newsletter XXZone, by which you have agreed to receive to the registered mail address Newsletter with the announcement of the content of the site (we may ask you for your consent to use the email to inform you, in accordance with the content of the site, about events, offers, announcements, etc.) This would mean that we do not have access to any files on your computer/smartphone.
  • Google Analytics helps us to understand which topics and articles are most closely followed, in order to offer even better quality of contents to readers. We have access to data regarding the number of visitors, the time they have spent using the content of the site and their location. Personal data about the site visitors is not displayed. Please get familiar with the privacy policy of Google Analytics at or .
  • Facebook Pixel is a tool we use on our Facebook profile to get the content closer to users of Facebook who visit XXZone, though more accurate measurement and site activity analysis. Personal information about users do not appear. Facebook uses its privacy policy so please read more at:
  • Using the content of the XXZone’s site – through “cookies”

More about cookies policy

“Cookies”, are no novelty, they are with you from the first day of use of the web.  They have been updated due to new regulations that prescribe that the visitor’s consent cannot be assumed for the use of “cookies”. The cookie policy applied by the site must require its explicit consent to its acceptance. So, when opening the desired page of XXZone, you will receive a notification of cookies that you can accept or not. If you continue to use the site without selection that will mean that you have accepted the policy of using cookies.

  • “Cookies” are small files for automatic collection of data that the site sends to your computer and which remain saved. A common phrase is that they “improve the experience of the user”. When you the next time visit a site from the same device, these data will be returned to the site of XXZone (”cookies” of the first part”) namely, to the other site whose “cookies” are (“cookies” of the third party). They store your site settings, and allow the site to display content tailored to your needs. Permanent “cookies” stay longer on your device, while the temporary ones are deleted when the search engine is closed.
  • Make sure that some “cookies” are necessary for using the site and must be approved continuously as to save the pre-set you have selected. In addition to the necessary ones, there are also functional and cookies of performances. For these two types you consent is also required. The data stored in cookies mainly relates to the name, email address or registration on the site. In your browser, in you settings, you can always change the cookies’ configuration. If you block all cookies, you may not be able to access all the contents on the page.
  • Third party “cookies” are not “cookies” of XXZone but can be found on our site. For now, we use Google Analytics and Facebook cookies, which have their own Privacy Policy about which you can be informed on their pages:

  • Sometimes we will refer you to some content of other sites via a link or photo/video (so-called embedded content). In both cases, a privacy policy may differ from ours, and therefore you need to check their privacy policy.

Your rights

For the time being we do not collect any personal information except email, we do not have any special document about the user. It is your right to unsubscribe from the Newsletter recipient list at any time, to make enquiry which information we have kept about you, and if you wish, ask for these data to be delete from any database (the right to forget).

The content of the Privacy Policy was updated on June 1, 2018.

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us at: