HIFU the cellulite terminator, the first time

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment that we dreamed of – one visit to the clinic get’s rid of your cellulite problem, and the results last for up to two years


If you got on terms with the fact that you most probably won’t ever have the legs and the lower back from the cover image of this article, you’re on the right path to conquering the all-age nemesis called cellulite. The reasons behind it are numerous: genetic – you just aren’t built to have mile long legs, lack of discipline – balanced diet, exercising, active lifestyle… not being able to live in accord with the strict rules of modern-day life. Therefore, one fact that should be clear from the start, fighting cellulite is mission impossible which tests your endurance. My guess is that you don’t buy stories of almighty creams, because without a combination with a radical method, they have no effect, and in this unfair battle, the professionalism of the person following and applying the latest technological innovation gives the best possible outcome. The good news is that thanks to new appliances there is a possibility to make a giant leap with a single treatment. Trust me, during my lifelong battle, I tried hand massages, electro stimulations, cavitation, mesotherapy, a mix of everything plus a vacuum stimulation for three hours… and it became clear that with every spring, a new season of challenges begins.


Miranda Wipperfurth, Unsplash

Look at it from the bright side, this May you won’t have to come to the clinic every single day, if you settle for a mesotherapy, a weekly visit will do, and thanks to the last word of technology and the HIFU treatment (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), if you’re a genetic winner that isn’t in the last dense stadium, one visit will do. Have you ever been told, as soon as you stepped inside a beauty salon, that the battle against cellulite starts with fighting the factors that caused it in the first place, and after that dealing with the consequences? In an honest interview with a specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery from the clinic Euroestetic, doctor Gordana Aćimović, I learned what is to expect after some, most common treatments.

“The most common stressors of cellulite are an imbalanced diet, with intense intakes of fat and sugar, fast food, under intake of water, stress, exhaustion, smoking, alcohol, lack of physical activity. Secondly, after the diet, cellulite can occur due to a hormonal misbalance, a slowed down metabolism, genetic predisposition, weak circulation, slowed production of collagen. Therefore, the battle against this stubborn enemy of the female body begins with a balanced diet, consistent of regular balances meals which regulate the metabolism, stabilize levels of sugar, adequately hydrate the organism, as well as regular physical activity”, explains doctor Aćimović. “Cellulite often occurs on thighs, hips, around the knees, stomach, forearms. There are a couple of stages of development of cellulite, and in response to them different stages of cellulite (I – IV). Besides for physical activity, massages and lymphatic drainage are serious allies while fighting cellulite, and are recommended for all types of cellulite”.


Cavitation works under principles of a low frequency ultrasound, while mesotheraphy requires an intake of mesotherapeutic cocktails, through needle

Max Rovensky, Unsplash.

What confuses us every time is choosing the right method, which will bring the best results with as little pain possible? My dilemma over the past couple of years was cavitation or mesotherapy?

“Cavitation is non invasive and painless method which breaks down fat cells. It works under principles of a low frequency ultrasound, which destabilizes the membrane of fat cells and causes them to burst. It is necessary to repeat it multiple times in even time intervals, most commonly once a week. The necessary number of treatments is 6-12.

Lipolysis or mesotherapy of cellulite, requires an intake of mesotherapeutic cocktails, through thin needles which deposit the cocktail to a certain depth and level. In consideration to the type of cellulite, the composition of the cocktail differs. In most cases it contains caffeine which indirectly breaks down fat, oligoelemnts, which stimulate the metabolism on a cellular level, lipolitics which decompose fat cells, vasotonics which stimulate circulation and hyaluronic acid which fills dents in the skin. It is completed through a series of 8-12 treatments, once up to twice a week.

The HIFU treatment uses ultrasound waves of high frequencies, which penetrate to different depths of skin, which achieves melting of fat buildup and tightening of the skin

If you don’t have a problem with needles and your pain tolerance is on the second half of tolerance levels, I would advise (this spring) girls be brave, consistent and start on time, it works. But there is something much better- the HIFU treatment (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).

“It is the most advanced, uninvasive treatment used for face contouring, body contouring and reduction of localized fat buildup and cellulite. It uses high frequency ultrasound waves 2-10 MHz which penetrate to different depths ( 1,5-4,5mm for the face, 8 and 13mm on the body). The ultrasound wave travels through surface layers of the skin and focuses on the inflamed spot on the exact and defined depth (depending on the used transducer). In that spot, occurs a rapid temperature rise (around 60 degrees Celsius), which achieves melting of fat buildup and tightening of the skin. During the process, the skin, blood vessels and nerves stay completely intact. The treatment is painless and it’s results last for up to two years. First results are visible right after the first treatment, but the true effect is visible only after 2-3 months. Second to the long-term effects of the treatment, another advantage is that the effects are achieved after only one treatment, in most cases, while the more difficult ones may require one more session after two months. After completion of the treatment, which lasts 60-90 minutes, depending of the treated region, there are no unwanted side affects and you can return to your everyday activities. The treatment is FDA approved. It’s biggest advantage in regards to all current ant cellulite treatments is its longevity, safety and absence of pain, the skin is tightened and smooth, and all that after an hour and one visit to the doctors office.”

So what do you say? It sounds incredible – one treatment, one visit, long lasting effects. Don’t forget that it’s still most important where you expose yourself, in every sense. As my friend would say, once you have an issue with giving your body to unknown hands of a masseuse, consider cellulite your protective layer towards your inner self. Hm, what will I do when it’s gone?!